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    We're thrilled to announce that our most highly requested feature is finally here: custom notification sounds! We've listened to your feedback and worked hard to bring you a more personalized experience with our latest update. Now, you can choose from a selection of 14 unique sounds to customize your notifications just the way you like them.

    With our new custom notification sounds, you can add a touch of fun and individuality to your device. Whether you're a fan of classic arcade sounds or prefer something more soothing like the harp, we've got you covered. Other options include sounds like correct, fail, reveal, bubble, doorbell, flute, money, scifi, clear, elevator, guitar, and pop. Each sound has its own distinct charm, allowing you to set the tone for every notification you receive.

    This exciting feature is now available from version 4.4 onwards. That means you can easily upgrade your app to access all these fantastic custom notification sounds. Whether you're using our app for work or personal use, these customizable sounds will add a touch of personality and make sure you never miss an important notification again.

    You can find our updated API docs here: https://docs.push.techulus.com/api-documentation

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